O&M Service

Operation – Maintenance service in water treatment plants has been specialized and prioritized more than the practice of self-service in previous years. In developing countries and particularly in Viet Nam, when the developer also takes on operation – maintenance work, the efficiency is not positive and indepentdent with management and investment works.

In developed countries, independent providers of operation – management services do not only maximize investment efficiency but also optimize operation cost at most possible level. Meanwhile, procedures of management, maintenance, prevention are applied rigorously, helping to manage asset effectively, ensure longevity of treatment plant.

Enviro Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary of Saigon Water, is a pioneer in Viet Nam in successfully applying SCADA control system in water treatment plants in installation or renovation projects, for upgrading capacity of management and operation of clean water production and supply.

SCADA system has central structure, with capability to manage and access information in digital form, in international standard and protocol; it is the solution for urgent requirement on upgrading effiency in plant operation of business specialized in clean water production and supply.


+     Di An Water plant phase II – III

+     Tan Hiep Water plant phase II

+     Quang Te Water plant

+     BOO Thu Duc Water plant

+     Dankia II Water plant

+     Soc Trang Waste water treatment plant